Saw Dust is used as animal bedding regularly in the dairy industry, we take into account that it is enormously critical that the timber shavings we sell is of most effective the very best fine viable to make certain that it does now not create any health issues for the cows which includes abrasion to the udders.

Saw Dust consequently, promise to produce a always outstanding exceptional of sawdust that you could rely upon time and time once more to be secure and hygienic.

Currently, we offer 2 forms of sawdust:

Tender Dirt

Our smooth sawdust is an first-rate quality product that is right for use as animal bedding in canine kennels, catteries, cubicles, stables, or fowl areas.

It can also be used to deal with preferred spillages. it’s miles one 100% softwood and kiln dried which makes it particularly absorbent and consequently to be had for more than one functions. Its absorbency also ensures that your animal’s surroundings remains dry and smooth in among cleanouts.

average, with P.H. Winter ton and Son gentle dirt, your animals are assured to be cozy and glad.


As a developing and improving sawdust brand, Agri-dirt is now the maximum popular product for dairy farmers at some point of the United Kingdom.

The grain size is screened to 3mm or much less and is of the best consistency pleasant-clever, which allows to keep away from abrasion of the udders. It also helps to save you the development of mastitis contamination. Our processing manufacturing unit provides pre-packed 20-21kg bales for easy storage, and the product is likewise available in a finer dust size referred to as Agri-powder.

Wooden Shavings for Pets

Similarly to presenting sawdust for agricultural uses, we also offer wood shavings that is perfect to be used in the home as puppy bedding. whether you’ve got guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits or hamsters, sawdust from P.H. Winter ton and Son ensures to provide a gentle and heat bedding that can be without difficulty wiped clean out to make certain that your bushy friends are residing in a hygienic, secure and secure surroundings.
Our sawdust charcoal is crafted from excessive density wooden briquettes and are widely regarded as the best charcoal to be had.

these briquettes burn for up to five instances longer than standard charcoal and are used in Chinese/eastern/Korean eating places, Turkish grills and plenty of different discerning eating places.

We additionally have the abnormal domestic prepare dinner use these inside the kitchen! despite the fact that slightly more costly than everyday charcoal it’ll considerably reduce fee over the years because of its long burn characteristics.

All weights are approximate because of the natural versions of the cloth.

The pallets are introduced on a burnable timber pallet in your curbside with the aid of our nationwide pallet courier.

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